What’s new in the Latest Version?

28th Oct, 2022

What’s new in the Latest Version?

Minecraft was originally released in 2009 as an indie game. Its creator Markus “Notch” Persson published it through Mojang. He certainly didn't anticipate the rapid success it achieved. This sandbox game and construction game with large pixels has been sold in dozens of million copies around the world. Microsoft paid more than 2 billion dollars for the rights to it.

The game now has the backing of a large company and is at its best. It has been released on Windows, Xbox, Windows, PS4, Xbox and iPhone in APK format (the mobile version is known as Pocket Edition or PE) and on Mac with the version we're discussing today.

There aren't many differences between Minecraft for Mac and PC. You can create worlds randomly and build any kind of construction, from an old hut to a palace worthy a millionaire. There are a few things you need to remember: If you learn how to combine your tools and craft your resources, your world will be open to endless possibilities.

Two game modes and unlimited experience

You have two game modes that you can use to make the most out of the game's features. In which you can choose the difficulty level of the world you will be playing, from the most peaceful to the most conflicting.

Creative mode: play with unlimited resources, where you can simply spend your time exploring everything that surrounds you and building great constructions.Survival mode: here you'll face up against dangers and creatures that will force you to build shelters, armors, and weapons.
Extreme mode: Similar to survival mode, but much more difficult. The world will disappear if the player is killed.
Spectator mode: You can fly and observe the game from a distance, either from your point of view or that of another player or creature.
Adventure mode: This mode allows players to create maps for other players, online or solo.

Both modes allow you to place and destroy blocks. You can also play in third person. These blocks can be made from different elements of nature such as wood, stones, and minerals. They are still in their original state, which is why the player can craft them. This allows you to combine them to create other tools that will help you build more complex buildings and tools.

As we mentioned, the game is generated randomly using an algorithm. This allows it to be infinite and no two worlds will be identical. You can explore jungles and deserts, tundra and oceans, as well as plains and mountains. Night and life cycles are also available. 20 minutes of gameplay is equal to one day.

Main features

– Create a virtual world that is free from any limitations
– Different game modes
– Combine different game modes: action, construction, adventures…
Explore the created world with complete freedom.
You can create your own world using the editor
– You can play in the online multiplayer mode in real time.
Mods and skins allow you to customize the game.

The game's flexibility is what makes it so popular. Mods and skins allow you to modify different aspects of the game.