Connecting To Your Server

8th Jan, 2023

Connecting To Your Server

Your new Minecraft server will now be running on the IP it was assigned. It will be your local IP if it is running on your computer. If you have a Minecraft server hosting account with our company, we will give you the IP to share with your friends. This will allow you to get started quickly. Port forwarding is a way to ensure that others can connect to the server you have created on your local computer.

Domains vs. Subdomains Vs IP:PORT Vs Dedicated IP

Here is a great post about the differences between subdomains, domains, IP's, and IP:PORT combinations. The main differences are in cost and complexity. We give, for free, subdomains for every server in the form of This is in addition the IP:PORT that comes along with every server. The subdomain or domain simply forwards the number IP to locate the server. You can make something similar to with the dedicated IP. There is an easy way to get something like if you don't need it. This requires you to create an A and SRV records on your registrar. To do this, you can use the IP:PORT we provided to do it.

Port Forwarding

Port forwarding allows players outside your network to connect to your server via your router. Connections will be denied if this isn't done correctly. We will host your server and you and your friends can connect immediately. You will need to configure your router if you decide to create your own Minecraft server. As shown in the video, you will need to locate your local machine's public IP address using WhatsMyIP. To find your local IPv4 address, use the cmd prompt command "ipconfig" to run the command. Once you have the IPv4 address, place it in your Routers port configuration area. Once you have the IPv4 address set, you can share it with your friends to allow them to connect to your local server. This poses a risk. Any malicious entity that finds your IP could DDoS your home network, taking your entire house offline. If security is not properly configured, they can hack your computer. Apex Minecraft Hosting is a managed hosting service that offers this benefit. You can make minor precautions like granting permissions to filesystems, setting up iptables/firewall and closing unused/commonly-used ports. You can also update your computers kernel. To ensure your complete protection, make sure you look at the weaknesses of your current systems.

It is recommended to consult the documentation for your router to learn how to connect to and configure the ports. To open the default port of 25565, you will need to access the settings. You can label the entry Minecraft and enter it into the permitted ports section.

Server Version Matching

Also, ensure that everyone trying to connect to your server has the correct version of the game client. If they do not have the correct version, they will be denied connection and unable to log in. This will depend on whether you have chosen Vanilla, Bukkit or a modpack. When you open Minecraft for Vanilla or Bukkit servers, you can choose which version of Minecraft the game launches. Modpacks and Forge require a separate installation of the respective launcher.

Logging In

For non-modpack servers, the last step is to log into your game launcher. Open the.exe file for Minecraft, select the appropriate profile and click Play. After you've done this, you will be able to access the multiplayer screen. Here you can add a server and enter your IP:PORT information. After you have saved this information, you can join the server and save it to your computer for future connections.

Configuring Your Server

Once you have connected successfully to your server, you will need to configure it. This will ensure that it is ready for players to connect. The next step is important if you are just starting to set up a Minecraft server. After the first launch, all the configuration files and files required will be created. You will be able edit them later. This tutorial will show you how to use all the commands available on a Vanilla server. This will vary depending on the version of your server. To ensure that your server is running smoothly for players, you should also optimize it.

Modifying Server Properties

You will find the file in your Minecraft server folder. This contains all the server's boot settings. Here you can modify the name of your world and the spawn settings for monsters and NPCs. This file offers many customization options, so make sure to check it out. You will need to use a text editor like notepad to run the server. However, hosting on our service will allow you to access the file via our web-based control panel. This makes it easy to modify the properties. To make any changes to the server, you will need it to be restarted. This is how to set up a Minecraft server. You can also find out many other things, as shown below:

Setting up OPs

You will first need to log into your control panel in order to set up the OP for your server. To OP someone on a multicraft control board, you will first need to use the control panel console. Without the quotation marks, issue the command "op username". This will grant you OP permissions in the game. As the op player, you can now execute any command in the game. This includes the /op username command. The next fact is something that only those who are proficient in hosting a Minecraft server will need to stress: You should be careful about who you give OP access to, as they can have full control over server commands and even ban you from your own server.


It's a lot like op-ing someone. Open your control panel console, and issue the command "whitelist Add username". If you are already the OP player, you can also issue the command /whitelist to add username.

Adding plugins

There are two options for installing plugins on your server. The easiest and most straightforward option is to use bukkit plugins tab from your left-hand menu in your control panel. It will allow you to search for plugins and perform simple one-click installs. Each page contains a link to the plugins documentation. This is important for determining the correct version of the plugin for your server. Once you have completed the installation, you need to restart your server. This will allow the server to build the plugins, and you'll be able to access them in game.

Some plugins will create a configuration file. Multiverse, Permissionsex and Essentials all require configuration to function properly. Your configuration files can be found in your control panel. Look for the config files tab on the left-hand menu. This will bring up a list of all configuration files on your server. Once you have made your changes to the file of your choice, save your changes and restart your server to activate your new server settings.

Your FTP file access is required for the second method of installing plugins. FTP access to your root folder is available on every server. This will include your world folder, jar folder and plugins folder. If you are unable to locate a plugin in your bukkit plug-ins installer, you can search for the file to download it instead. Once you have found the file, log into FTP and drag it into your plugins directory. It will automatically generate the file after you save and restart your server.


Mods, just like plugins require FTP file access. FTP access to your server's root folder is included with every server. This will contain your mods folder, the world folder, and the jar folder. Your mods can be found on Curse's website, or any other Minecraft-related forums that have mods. Once you have found your file, log into FTP and drag it into your mods directory. It will automatically generate the file when you save and restart your server. Make sure the mod version matches the server version.

Adding a World

You will need FTP access to upload large files like worlds. You can simply stop your server, log in to Filezilla, drag your folder into it, and save. If your world folder has an unusual name, you will need to change it in your control panel's WORLD setting. Click here to learn how to add a custom map on your server. You may also need to reset or change the seed.

Editing Config Files

It is easy to make changes to your server settings by simply accessing your config files. The config files tab is located in the left-hand menu of your multicraft control panel. This is where you can edit any config files on the server. You can also open your FTP to edit files within your /plugins folder. Each plugin creates a folder within /plugins after it is installed. Open that folder and edit the configuration.yml or other important files. You can find detailed instructions for each plugin on their documentation pages.

Automating server tasks

Scheduled tasks are one of the most critical parts of your server's functionality. This area is needed to set up automatic messaging, backups, recurring restarts and a backup of your server. The scheduled task tab can be found in the left menu of your control panel. Here you will see a list of all your active scheduled tasks. You will find the option to create a new task in the left-hand menu. This will take you to the final page. This page will allow you to name your task, choose the time of the day, set the interval and pick the command to issue. You can name your task anything you like.

The command can be either active or paused depending on its status. When the command runs, the time of day determines. People will often try to run resets when there are fewer players on your server. This is usually early in the morning for your region. The interval is the frequency of your task. This can be either the hour, the minute, the day, week, month, or the hour. You can find a lot of commands, including saves, restarts, and text messages. The complete set can be found in your control panel. In case you send spam text messages, the message you pass is a message you print out to your users.

Change Server Version

There are five types of JAR files. Vanilla Minecraft and Bukkit/Spigot are the easiest to use. These two require only setting the jar file settings, saving, then restarting your server to activate. They will automatically generate the rest of your files and you can immediately start playing them. All mod servers are available. There are three types of modded servers. There are three types of modded servers: the basic forge server and the cauldron server. Each of these server versions requires a modpack installer before you can run the main.jar file. This is a simple process that is easy to forget, and it is crucial for mod-style servers. You can open Filezilla FTP to load a modpacks base file to your server if the desired server version isn't listed in your control panel drop-down. You will need to create a JAR folder and drop the libraries folder and jar folders into that folder. Your forge-universal.jar and ftbserver.jar files should be renamed to custom.jar. You will be able play your modpack after you change your control panel JAR FILE setting. Save and restart.

Bungee is a slightly different server than regular servers and is a more professional method to set up a Minecraft server. It requires connection to at least two other servers. A proxy running BungeeCord.jar and spigot as a hub. The hub is configured with the IP information of other servers and acts like a doorway to them.

Managing the Server

A hosting service like ours makes managing a Minecraft server much easier than it would be if you did it on your own. The majority of management involves ensuring that DNS and ports are correctly configured, that bandwidth is available, and that the server performs optimally. Although it is easy to set up a Minecraft server, not everyone has the resources. Our services will take care of most of the details, but there are still some things you should be aware of. Server owners' primary concern is their Resource usage.

Moderating the Server

Moderation of your community can be more than just managing the server processes. This could be as simple as installing antispam or anti cursing plugins to stop inappropriate behavior. Sometimes, this could be as simple as banning players or intervening on their behalf in case of game crashes or griefing. These tasks can be made easier by the internal functions of your multicraft control panel. The chat page is used to communicate with players in the game, even if you aren't logged in. To issue commands such as whitelist, ban, pardon, and whitelist, you can use the console. You can also issue commands from the commands page that will speed up item delivery and other tasks. Moderating is the management of the people on your server. See the pic below.

There is something wrong if your server's resource usage exceeds 100%. This could be one of three possible causes. Either:

A.) A.)

B.) B.) You will need more RAM to run all the plugins/mods/players on your server.

C.) Your server is experiencing memory leakage. You will need to restart it to remove the memory. To help you manage this automatically, we recommend that you create a task in your multicraft control panels. Larger servers will typically restart every hour, or every few hours. Depending on their configuration, smaller servers can be allowed to restart every day or every few weeks. This is true for all servers. This is more important for larger and more complex servers.

Advertise The Server

After your server is complete and all your blocks have been placed, most server owners will still have the same question. How can I get more players? For a server to be successful, it needs an activity community. There are a few online communities that have become a common place to meet and source traffic to servers. There are many places to find players. There are many places where players can be found, and new ones appear every day. The hardest part of starting a Minecraft server is figuring out how to do it. However, it is important to have a loyal group. These communities are often made up of people who share a common interest in Minecraft and the various servers that it offers. There are four main categories to these places. Forums, Lists and Social.


MinecraftForums is the most popular place to find all things Minecraft, other than mojang. The Minecraft forums are a great place to get great information and meet new people with great knowledge. These people are not only active members of the community. They are more likely than others to know people who play the game. One person invites his friends, and so on. It's a great way of meeting new people by posting in new threads and responding to others. Other very popular forums include, FTB main Forum, FTBForums, Technic Forums, etc, etc. You can just Google the term "Minecraft Forum" to find the right thread.

Minecraft lists are the best way to advertise your Minecraft server and get new players. These lists include simple banners, player slots and brief information. If you haven't been to one, go ahead and take a look around. Apex offers a Apex Server Listing where you can request to join for free. Beyond that though you can try,,, etc. You can search for Minecraft Server List on Google and start scrolling. There are many pages. Some require you to pay money to be listed on a featured server, while others allow you to post free of charge. Look around to find the right place. You can also join the server and meet other people. Then you can send them to your server. Do not snipe other players. Making friends is the essence of the games. The more friends you have, the more they will play with.

It is easy to advertise on social media platforms. Create an account, find and share interesting content with your community, then engage them with it. This can be done on facebook by sharing your videos and posts. This can be done on Twitter by posting screenshots or videos of gameplay, along with announcements and other information. Youtube is a vague example of this, but we'll talk more about it next. makes it easy to manage all your accounts from a single dashboard. Hootsuite allows you to set up automatic messages, forward RSS feeds, time posts, and much more. Social media is about being interactive and not spamming your services. People will find it engaging and fun if you make it enjoyable.

Youtube is undoubtedly the best place to advertise for Minecraft online. DropbackTv, our great friends, showcase it well. Many streamers and youtubers use servers to advertise and show what's new and cool. These are the most important connections you can make in this industry. If you are able to partner with a streamer or Youtuber with a large audience, your server will fail under the pressure of all the new users you get. This is a good problem to have. Usually, you can get in touch with people by sending them friendly emails or commenting on videos. Play on servers, make friends, and then move towards youtubers. This is often the best place to find new players.

Server Administration Help: Adding staff

To add a staff member to help you administer your server, you will need to first register them at this page. After they have registered, you can add them to the control panel by clicking the Users tab and searching for their Multicraft username. The role and FTP Access can be set. To allow your staff member to submit support tickets for you, click on your profile name at top right of website. Once you have done so click Contacts/Sub-Accounts and create a new account with the check boxes ticked for the permissions you wish for that staff member to have.

Account Support

We can assist you with any issues you may encounter while creating a Minecraft server if you purchase a server from our company.

Upgrading/Downgrading your Server RAM

You can upgrade your server from your login control panel at /billing. Log in to your billing area and look at the menu at top. Select Services, My Services, locate your server, then click the upgrade/downgrade button in the top right. This will allow you to upgrade or downgrade between the listed packages. The cost of your upgrade will be prorated based on the amount and remaining time in your current billing period. A new invoice will be generated when you select the upgrade. Your open invoices can be found on the home page of your billing area. The upgrade will be activated immediately after you have paid the invoice. To get the maximum effect of the new RAM, it is recommended that your server be restarted.

Need help with your server?

You will find many tutorials and other content here to help you learn how to run your server at its highest level. If you have any questions, always check this site first. Live chat support is available for sales and light support. You will find a chat window at the bottom of all pages. This allows you to reach us quickly for support with sales or simple server tasks. You can also use our Support Ticket system for more complex support. This is necessary for things such as cancelling, adding usernames to your control panels, and helping with mudpacks.

Troubleshooting Errors

When hosting a Minecraft server, errors can sometimes occur for a variety of reasons. To resolve it, you should first check your control panel console to see if any errors are being thrown. Most often, you will need to restart the server to fix the problem. Sometimes plugins can cause problems if they update without you knowing or aren't configured correctly. If none of these options work, you can try to restart your server with a different map. If it does not start, it is the world and must be replaced. Checking your control panel console for errors and other issues is the first step.

Your Accounts

Your new Minecraft server will require 2 logins. The Multicraft Control Panel, Billing Area, and your Minecraft Launcher are all available to you. The billing area handles all your upgrade/downgrade, personal information editing, and payment invoices. Multicraft Control Panel gives you super admin control over your server. You can edit your config files, set tasks, stop and restart your server, load plugins and ban, op and whitelist. This is the most important area to learn how to use. The control panel is available in combination with an FTP account. You will need to know how to use FTP access to load larger modpacks and world folders.