Advertise Your Minecraft Server

23rd Jan, 2023

Advertise Your Minecraft Server

How do you get your Minecraft server more popular? There are many factors that go into making your Minecraft server popular, such as a great gaming experience, active staff, and advertising. Advertising can be as simple and straightforward as submitting your server for voting sites, or more complicated like advertising through paid ads. This article will provide tips on how to advertise your server using both paid and free methods.

All major vote-top-sites should have your Minecraft server. This is a great way to promote your Minecraft server free of charge. You can find them easily by searching "Minecraft servers", and I've provided some here.

- Minebrowse
- Minecraft MP
- Minecraft Servers
- Top Minecraft
- Minecraft Servers List
- Minecraft Servers

Your server will be given links that allow your players to vote for it to rise in rank (usually daily or twice daily). These links should be placed somewhere that is easily accessible on your Minecraft server's site, such as a sidebar or dedicated page. This is a great way to reward players who vote using plugins like NuVotifier. This plugin allows you to execute certain tasks, such as giving players points that can be spent on rewards, in-game money, or items such as diamonds or xp bottle.

In my experience, it has been effective to offer a reward that is only possible through voting. If you give 3 diamonds to vote, but the player already has a lot of diamonds, why would they vote? To buy valuable ranks, perks, items, or tokens, I recommend that you award "points" or tokens.

Paid advertising: These vote websites let you pay for a premium place, usually at the top of their homepage. These spots are often sold in an auction to the highest bidder. Monthly bids can reach $100s of Dollars.

Forum Advertising (Free)

Forums are a great way to advertise new Minecraft servers. You have the opportunity to convince interested players to sign up for your server by creating a forum thread. You should also include instructions on how to join (Is it possible to whitelist?). How does a player become whitelisted? What is the IP address? (), a link to your site, the plugins used by your server, and some screenshots.

It is important to keep a forum thread active once it has been created. This will ensure that it is constantly "bumped to the top" of the page. To whitelist players, one strategy is to require them to post their in-game names. Your thread will be bumped every time a player becomes interested in the server. You can also bump the thread if you post that you have whitelisted all of the newest players.

Minecraft Forum and Planet Minecraft are two of the most popular forums for Minecraft server advertisement.

Tip - Be sure to adhere to the rules of the forum where you are posting. Otherwise, your post may be deleted or locked. Do not "bumper" your post too high and be respectful.

Reddit (Free).

Another place to advertise your server is the subreddit/r/mcservers. You can post the same information as your forum post, including how to join, screenshots, and a link to your website. To avoid your post being removed by moderators, be sure to adhere to the rules of the subreddit. You can find the sidebar with the rules.

Reddit posts will not fall down like forums. This is due to their age. The post will not be "bumped" to the top by new comments. You can re-post the post every now and again to ensure it is visible.

Paid Minecraft Server Advertising

Advertising is a form of advertising. It is important to target your audience directly, especially if you are paying for it. You can target potential players with several services, including YouTube and Facebook. Minebrowse offers social media advertising packages and Google Ads.

Facebook ads are very affordable and cost as low as $1 per day. They can target a very specific audience, such as Minecraft players within a certain age group or country. You run the risk of advertising Minecraft to people who might not be playing the game.
YouTube is very popular among Minecraft players. You can place text or video ads on related videos. This platform is great because it targets people who are specifically looking for Minecraft videos. This means that you target current players.

Advertise on Minecraft-related websites. This includes this website, as well as other sites like Minecraft Forum or voting top-sites. Most websites will have an "advertise", or "contact" link at bottom of page. This allows you to message the owner for more information. Prices will vary depending on how popular the website and it may be easier for smaller websites to negotiate lower prices.

Tips to Become Popular

- Be unique! Why should players choose to join your server over the other? Your server must be unique and fulfill a need.
Encourage referrals Reward your players for referring friends to the server. This encourages word of mouth recruitment, which should not be underestimated. Make sure that the rewards are high enough to make it worthwhile for players to take part.
- Display your server. You must convince new players that your server is the best. To promote your features and show screenshots, you should create a Minecraft server site.
Active staff is key! This is the most important factor in a server's success. I've been on many servers that were amazing, but when the admins stopped updating and organizing events, everyone left!