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As a mom of two young boys fascinated with Minecraft and Minecraft YouTube Videos, the day came that I was asked to install a Minecraft mod. Many Minecraft YouTube videos explore a wide variety of mods that tweak or extend original Minecraft with all sorts of new and interesting features. I started to hear, “I want to ride a Fire Dragon!” or “I wish I could spawn the Witherstorm in my Minecraft!” or “I want to try using the Infinity Gauntlet.” “Please, can you help us??”

BUT, what exactly is a mod and how do you install one? The answers are on the Internet of course, but I stumbled a lot at first.

As an IT Consultant and Senior Digital Project Manager by profession before my full-time Mom role, I thought this would be a piece of cake, but it actually took some digging (and many headaches) to learn about the different versions of Minecraft (Pocket Edition, Java Edition, etc.), figure out how to find and install Minecraft mods (and other ways to tweak/enhance Minecraft), and even trickier, learn how to install all of this safely. And when I say “install safely”, I don’t just mean installing virus-free files, but also learning where to downloading files from websites that don’t flood you with pop-ups or show pornographic ads on the download page with your child sitting next to you! Once I figured out how to more or less navigate these tricky waters, I thought it might be helpful to share our findings and help others in a similar boat!

In addition, Mod publishers don’t usually include extensive instructions about how to use a particular mod. Advanced Minecrafters seem to be able to figure them all out quickly, but there are a lot of us newer to the game that have to do a lot of googling! After you learn how to get the thing installed it can be tricky to understand exactly how to use it! You/your kid will watch a fun mod featured in a Minecraft YouTube video, but then struggle to learn how to install or use all the features in the mod on your own.

I hope to de-mystify the whole mod install process, provide safe links to download popular mods, and include a lot more instructions/screenshots/details about how to actually use popular mods to help younger and newer Minecraft users.




Founder of

Thanks you so much, ModMama, for helping me understand how to install mods! Now it makes sense!

Los Angeles Mom

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