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Pixelmon (Pokémon) Mod

The Pixelmon mod transports the world of Pokémon into Minecraft! It’s quite an amazing Minecraft mod that will excite any avid (or casual) Pokémon lover. I struggled to find a safe version of this mod that actually worked, but after digging deep into message boards I found a way to get ahold of this mod by extracting it from a safe modpack. To save you some time, I’ve made the version we are using available for download on our website.

Requirements: Minecraft Forge 1.12 (download and install this version of Forge if you don’t have it already. )

Download Mod: Pixelmon-1.12.2-7.0.6-universal

For help installing Minecraft Forge, setting up a Forge Profile, and Copying the Mod file to the right location, please follow the tutorial on the “How to Install Minecraft Mods” page.

The developers of this mod would like you to check out the latest info about Pixelmon at the pixelmon website  so I’ll leave that here in case you want to ask them any questions or if they release a new version you’d like to check out.

Once you’ve saved the Pixelmon file to your computer, copy the file into you .minecraft>mod folder (use the shortcut you setup from the mod tutorial or enter %appdata% into your desktop’s search bar and navigate to the .minecraft > mod folder).

Open your Minecraft Launcher app, select the Minecraft Forge 1.12 option, and click the Play button.

This will load the mod into your Minecraft (Forge version 1.12). Again, please read the how-to tutorial to learn how to setup Minecraft Forge if you have not done so already!

This is a hefty mod so have patience and wait for this mod to load. It may look like nothing is happening after you hit the play button, but pretty soon you’ll see the “Mojang” screen with the loader bars. If for any reason the install crashes, just hit the play button again and it should successfully load the second time.

Click the Singleplayer button, and “Create New World” (set game mode to Creative mode so you can test without worrying about being killed).

You will now see a special screen explaining the Pokemon trademark, just wait or click the screen to see the option to select a starter Pokemon. This can be changed later on, just choose the one you like to get you started. and click the “Begin your adventure!” button.

Your Pokemon world will now load! Explore around to see the wild Pokemon near you.

In my next post, I’ll cover a few key topics within this mod based on several urgent “How do I ___???” requests I got from my boys that we eventually figured out after a lot of searching and YouTube watching.

  • Spawn a specific Pokemon
  • Start a Poke Battle
  • Heal Pokemon hurt in a Poke Battle
  • Mega Evolve specific Pokemon
  • Mega Evolve Rayquaza (different method needed than a typical way to Mega Evolve)
  • Use the Poke Editor (related to the Rayquaza request)
  • Use the PC


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    can you guys hlep me

    • ModMama ModMama

      Hi! Let us know what part you need help with..

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