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Infinity Gauntlet Resource Pack

My 7-year-old son loves the Avengers and Minecraft. He was thrilled when he saw VelVoxel Raptor’s YouTube video featuring his updated Infinity Gauntlet Resource Pack (that added the latest Infinity Gauntlet into Minecraft). So, I set out to help my son install our first resourcepack. I know how to install a mod file (.jar), but setting up a resource pack and data pack requires completely different steps to properly install. After trying several times and failing, I carefully read YouTube comments and finally figured out how to install it correctly. I wanted to share our step-by-step process as I saw others have the same questions/issues/roadblocks we did! Can’t get the gauntlet off the stand? Iron golem doesn’t turn into the forge? See a carrot on a stick instead of the infinity gauntlet? Etc. If you follow the exact steps below you’ll also be able to install this correctly, build the forge and retrieve the Infinity Gauntlet.

To start, you’ll need plain ‘ole Minecraft Java (for PC/Mac) version 1.14 (+) and download the Infinity Gauntlet Datapack V5 .zip file (safe link!), and then follow these steps:

Step 1: Unzip the downloaded Datapack File.

Step 2: Locate the Resourcepacks folder within your .minecraft folder on your computer

Step 3: Copy the whole “Infinity Gauntlet Resource Pack” folder into the .minecraft>resourcepacks folder

Step 4: Launch Minecraft, Play regular old vanilla Minecraft version 1.14

Step 5: Click Singleplayer

Step 6: Click Create New World

Step 7-9: Name your World, Select Creative Mode (our preference), and Create New World

Step 10: Your new world will load, click the Esc key to go to the game’s menu screen

Step 11: Click “Save and Quite to Title”

Step 12: Click “Singleplayer”

Step 13-14: Select your world and click “Edit”

Step 15: Click “Open World Folder”

Step 16: This will open a window with all the folders setup for your new world, open the “datapacks” folder within this list of folders.

Step 17: Find the folder that was unzipped earlier called “infinity_gauntlet_datapack”, copy this whole folder to your world’s datapacks folder.

Step 18: Once the datapack folder is copied in, close the window to return to Minecraft

Step 19: Back in Minecraft, Click “Save” on the Edit World screen

Step 20: Select your world and Click “Play Selected World”

(your World will load)

Step 21: Click the ESC key to view the game menu, click the “Options” button.

Step 22: Click “Resource Packs…”

Step 23: Move all the Available Resource Packs to the right hand column under “Selected Resource Packs”

Step 24: Make sure the Infinity Gauntlet Resource pack is on the top of the list and click “Done”.

Step 25: Click “Done” again.

Step 26: Click “Back to Game”.

Step 27: Make sure the datapack is loaded, when your world loads, type “/reload”.

Step 28: Now it’s time to build the forge to retrieve the Infinity Gauntlet and armor. Get Iron Blocks, Gold Blocks, and a Pumpkin Head from your Inventory.

Step 29: Spawn an Iron Golem to immediately see it turn into the forge. If it doesn’t then it’s possible an Iron Golem happened to naturally spawn in nearby already, look around.

Step 30: Place two Gold blocks in the opening.

Step 31: Right click the lever to have the Gold Blocks turn into the armor stand and see the Infinity Gauntlet.

Step 32: Change the Gamemode to Survival to be able to retrieve the armor and Infinity Gauntlet.

Step 33-34: In Survival Mode hit the armor stand a couple of times and it will drop all the items. QUICKLY change Gamemode back to Creative if you don’t want to worry about dying.

Step 35: Just walk through all the dropped items to have them added to your toolbar. DONE! Now it’s time to find the stones…

To be continued…I will make another post to give steps on how we figured out how to get each stone as well (this was quite challenging, but we did it!)

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