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Lucky Block Mod

Lexiconr6’s Lucky Block Mod (1.8) is a fun mod for anyone that likes the thrill of opening a surprise package. This particular Lucky Block mod includes 3 lucky blocks that reveal random surprises when opened:

  • Lucky Block (Nice stuff)
  • Very Lucky Block (Really Nice stuff)
  • Very Unlucky Block (Mean stuff, like exploding TNT)

Requirements: Minecraft Forge 1.8.

Download Mod: Lucky Block (1.8)

For help installing Minecraft Forge and a Minecraft Mod Install tutorial, see the “How to Install Minecraft Mods” page.

Once you’ve saved the Lucky Block Mod to your computer, copy the file into you .minecraft>mod folder (use the shortcut you setup from the mod tutorial or enter %appdata% into your desktop’s search bar and navigate to the .minecraft > mod folder).

Open your Minecraft Launcher app, select the Minecraft Forge 1.8 option, and click the Play button.

This will load the mod into your Minecraft (Forge version 1.8). Please read the how to tutorial to learn how to setup Minecraft Forge if you have not done so already!

Click the Singleplayer button, and “Create New World” (set game mode to Creative mode so you can test without worrying about being killed).

When your world loads, press the “E” key to view your inventory. The added Lucky Blocks are now available in your inventory if you search for them or if you scroll to the bottom of the items in the Building Blocks tab.

Drag the Lucky Blocks (or Unlucky Block) into your empty tool bar.

To use the Lucky Blocks in Creative mode you’ll also need a “Redstone Torch”. The easiest way to find this is to click the compass icon and search for “Redstone Torch”. Drag this into your toolbar as well.

Close your inventory by pressing the “Esc” key.

Use your mouse scrolling wheel to highlight a Lucky Block (or press the corresponding number on your number keypad to the position in the toolbar, i.e. 1) and then move your mouse cursor to hover over the ground and Right click to place the block on the ground. Next, find the Redstone torch in your toolbar, select it, and hover over a square of land right next to the Lucky Block.

Right click to place the Redstone torch next to the Lucky Block. If you did this correctly, as soon as you place the Redstone torch on the ground on an adjacent block to the Lucky Block, the Lucky Block will open and reveal the surprise inside!

My first surprise was a bunch of bunnies!
My next Lucky Block turned into a wishing well! That I broke accidentally and had bunnies splashing around in the water…😅.

Have fun with this mod! Even as a Mom setting this up, I had fun to experimenting with it. My boys found this one quite fun — from giant mobs, mini prisons, exploding TnT, chests of treasures, stacks of pigs, and more.

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