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Create Your Own Minecraft Character

A fun way to modify Minecraft (in another way!) is to create your own Minecraft character. To do this you can draw your own Minecraft “skin”.

My (current) favorite online tool to create a new character is the Minecraft Skin Editor on The Skindex website:

After you’ve used the pencil tool (and color wheel selector) to color in the front design of your character, hover the cursor to the side until you see the hand icon. Left click and hold, and move the mouse around to rotate and view all sides of your character – let go and click the drawing tool and color wheel to finish your design on all sides of your character!

Once your design is complete, click the “Download” icon to save the skin image file to your computer.

Open up your Minecraft Launcher and go to the “Skins” tab.

If you don’t see this tab, make sure to expand the menu by clicking the icon with three lines:

To load your new character, click “Browse…” and find the skin image file you just saved to your computer. When you see you opened the correct skin file and want to use this new character, click “Save”.

And you’re all set! Click “Play” to start Minecraft and see your new character in the game.

Tip: Press the F5 key to rotate the character points of view until you see yourself. Press F5 again until back in 1st person perspective to build/play the game 🙂

NOTE: The 1.7.10 version of Minecraft will have issues displaying your custom skin. You must download and add this special mod (“Skin Port“) to your mod folder to see your custom skin:

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